The Tone of The Debate

It’s been little over 24 hours since the starting pistol was fired on what the British Nationalists were hoping was bluff and bluster. All that pent up fear and loathing exploded in raw hatred as social media went into meltdown.  The hatred isn’t new as you can see by the tweet above from Michael Sheridan of the Labour Party. Nationalist Scum is pretty tame in comparison to this exchange between Daily Express columnist Professor Jill Stephenson, AKA Historywoman and “Reynard” who is believed to be a former Lib-Dem candidate.

Were either of those tweets sent by a Scottish Nationalist you can have no doubt that they would be focused on by the media. They were by British Nationalists so the normal rules of decency don’t apply.

The lesson is clear. Don’t bite when a baited hook is thrown in front of you. Keep the head, keep it clean and keep a screenshot. For those of you using Android tablets and phones it’s as simple as pressing  the power button and volume down at the same time.

Let the British Nationalists fight from the gutter, and let us rise above it. We are better than that.

#Indyref2 #Scotref #BritNatAbuse