Events, Dear Boy, Events…

With all the goings on politically it can be difficult to keep up with what is going on. The other morning after coming in off nightshift I went to bed, only to wake up to find a General Election was coming! Political plans and timescales are often shaped and disrupted by other events, and this is one event which could hasten or lengthen the chances of Scotland becoming independent. We have begun to organise the group and we’ve held the first of our street stalls. Having got started we now have to gain momentum and grow the group so that we can take our message not only onto the high street but into the housing schemes, the town and the villages.
This Saturday (22nd April) sees us back in Airdrie town centre for another street stall. The last one was positively received and it will be interesting to see how the recent General Election announcement has affected people’s views. If you want to come and join us at the street stall you can do so from 11am until 1pm, outside Boots/WH Smith. In addition to the leaflets and merchandise which was available last time we have been supplied with 200 free copies of The National to give away! This really is a fantastic gesture and it will be a chance to get the paper into the hands of people who perhaps wouldn’t otherwise pick it up, or who may not even be aware it’s there.
Speaking of The National, we have been told that the Airdrieonians For Independence group will be featured at some point in the next few days, and as a follow up the editor, Calum Baird, will be bringing The National Roadshow to join us for the Wee Ginger Dug Comes To Airdrie on 2nd May, and it’s looking as if they will be kindly livestreaming the event too!
Following on from our two street stalls and the Wee Ginger Dug evening we will be looking to formally convene the group on Saturday 6th May at Airdrie Library, 12pm-2pm. This is an extremely important meeting and we are looking for as many people to attend as possible.
We hope you can join us at one or all of the events we have planned. Please Like and share our content online to ensure that our activities are advertised to the maximum: YOU are the media, and it is only with your help that we can be successful.
Please also download the Indy App from the app store/play store. The app is now live and we’ll be posting our events on there so you can be notified of all that’s going on directly to your mobile phone or tablet.

The Wee Ginger Dug Comes To Airdrie / “The National” Roadshow

Wee Ginger Dug - CopyOur forthcoming “Wee Ginger Dug” night suddenly became not so wee…

We were surprised and delighted to be contacted by Scotland’s only pro-Indy daily newspaper- The National, who asked if they could bring their roadshow to Airdrie on the same evening, and we had no hesitation in saying yes!

The National

This is a fantastic chance to get to meet the staff of The National and to raise local issues with them directly, as well as hearing from Scotland’s most incisive and irreverent political commentator Paul Kavanagh. Oh, and there’s a wee dug…

Admission is free, but donations towards the cost of the evening are more than welcome.

Please share this event on Facebook, Twitter, or even just go old school and tell someone about it! We look forward to seeing you there.




The Wee Ginger Dug Comes To Airdrie

Wee Ginger Dug Airdrie

Airdrieonians For Independence will be hosting Paul Kavanagh, also known as the “Wee Ginger Dug” on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at 7.30pm in the One Wellwynd Centre, 35 Wellwynd, Airdrie, ML6 0BN. Admission is free (although donations towards the cost of the evening are always welcome) and we would advise early arrival to ensure that you can get a seat. Paul’s irreverent and satirical take on Scottish politics is seriously funny, and there will be an opportunity afterwards for discussion and maybe even a wee photo opportunity with the Dug!

You can indicate that you will be attending at our Facebook Page. Please also like and share, share, share! YOU are our advertising media and your help and support in making our events a success are always welcome.

Ruthless Davidson: Selling Out Scotland

img_pqbgz2.jpgI think it was only last week that Ruth Davidson addressed the Scottish parliament and accused others of “whataboutery”. Her pronunciation of the word was odd, as usually in Scottish politics I hear it pronounced as “Whitabootery”. Her focus on the anglicised pronunciation was almost as if she was trying overly hard NOT to sound, well, Scottish. So it came as no surprise to find that she was causing a stramash in yesterday’s debate at Holyrood when she mocked SNP MSP Joan MacAlpine’s accent, before snapping at the First Minister to “Sit Down!” Such was the venom displayed by her yesterday throughout the debate that even Kezia Dugdale expressed her distaste.

Davidson is akin to the hinger’s oan to the school bully, who will chip in with snidey comments and laugh while they do it. She seems almost ashamed to be Scottish, and appears to be trying to convince everyone she is anything but. She epitomises the “So-Called Scot” who will endure any slight to this country and cheer while it happens. Ruth ought to know by now that real Scots stand up FOR Scotland, not against it. Everything she says and does is detrimental and derogatory to this country. Whether it’s mocking our accents, labeling us as thieves or putting the boot into our economy, Davidson has no boundaries. Clearly the gloves are off. Don’t expect it to get any better.

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Foreigners ISN’T a Dirty Word

There has been a lot of xenophobic sentiment displayed over the last few years, particularly in England and it is worrying. In the Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser; Convenor of the RMT parliamentary group Elaine Smith MSP complained about how our railways are in private hands and that they are now a “cash cow for Dutch state-owned Abellio” and that they are “passing profits abroad”. Most people in Scotland fully agree that our railways should be nationalised, but why does Ms Smith draw attention to which country that money will go to? There are numerous privatised Train Operating Companies operating in Scotland, Arriva and Virgin to name two which aren’t foreign owned, yet Ms Smith specifically singles out the one where the privatised profits don’t go into British pockets. Alluding to foreign companies taking “our” money might resonate with some, but not with most Scots. Her “anti-foreigner” rhetoric is sadly parroted in full colour on the back page of the February issue of the RMT news, and this is perhaps indicative of an agreed approach to campaigning which the RMT would be wise to avoid. While England has voted for Brexit, Scotland did not, and we send the message out that Scotland welcomes people from across the world: to us “foreigners” isn’t a dirty word, a slur to be whispered behind peoples backs.
If privatisation of public services is wrong then by all means make your case on that basis Elaine. Not by the nationality of the pocket the money ends up in.

Airdrieonians For Independence Meeting: Saturday 25th March 2017

In view of recent developments following the announcement that the Scottish Government will be seeking to hold a new independence referendum, Airdrieonians for Independence will be holding a meeting to discuss this development. New members and activists are encouraged to attend, and we would like to stress that the group is politically independent and not affiliated to any party. The meeting will take place in Airdrie Public Library on Saturday 25th March 2017 at 1200hrs. Admission is free.