Ruthless Davidson: Selling Out Scotland

img_pqbgz2.jpgI think it was only last week that Ruth Davidson addressed the Scottish parliament and accused others of “whataboutery”. Her pronunciation of the word was odd, as usually in Scottish politics I hear it pronounced as “Whitabootery”. Her focus on the anglicised pronunciation was almost as if she was trying overly hard NOT to sound, well, Scottish. So it came as no surprise to find that she was causing a stramash in yesterday’s debate at Holyrood when she mocked SNP MSP Joan MacAlpine’s accent, before snapping at the First Minister to “Sit Down!” Such was the venom displayed by her yesterday throughout the debate that even Kezia Dugdale expressed her distaste.

Davidson is akin to the hinger’s oan to the school bully, who will chip in with snidey comments and laugh while they do it. She seems almost ashamed to be Scottish, and appears to be trying to convince everyone she is anything but. She epitomises the “So-Called Scot” who will endure any slight to this country and cheer while it happens. Ruth ought to know by now that real Scots stand up FOR Scotland, not against it. Everything she says and does is detrimental and derogatory to this country. Whether it’s mocking our accents, labeling us as thieves or putting the boot into our economy, Davidson has no boundaries. Clearly the gloves are off. Don’t expect it to get any better.

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