BBC taking the lead in Misreporting Scotland

It’ s been hard to miss the BBC and others in the press giving great coverage to the figures showing that Scotland’s trade with the UK is 4 times that of it’s trade with the rest of the EU. The story is presented in such a manner that implies that an independent Scotland would have to choose to trade with one bloc or the other, EU or UK. While the UK government maintain that trade with Europe will continue post Brexit, they at the same time infer that somehow what remains of the UK will not trade with Scotland; they’ll take an almighty huff and stop buying Scottish products. Historically that’s an approach that England took against Scotland AFTER it was joined under the one monarch with the Union of the Crowns. We would hope that rUK has moved on somewhat in the last 300 odd years, and that a vindictive blockade and boycott of Scottish goods and services would not be on the cards. Assuming it would, then it merely helps strengthen the case as to who an independent Scotland should be part of the EU trading bloc.


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