London Calling: Now Online

The film London Calling has now been officially released online. You can find it HERE.

Please raise awareness of it and share it where possible.

We recommend viewing it on a smart TV for the best effect.


Stop Paying the BBC Propaganda Tax: Here’s How

At our London Calling screening on Thursday 1st December the subject of the TV Licence was brought up, and virtually everyone there had stopped paying the TV Licence (or as it should be more accurately termed, the Propaganda Tax).

The BBC WILL try to beat you, wear you down or bamboozle you with official sounding letters, especially if you don’t respond to them or ignore them.

Instead of ignoring them, the way to beat them is to respond to them, by letter. We would recommend using the text set out below as a template. Simply cut and paste and add your address. Please note that you DON’T have to provide your name if you don’t want to.

In the meantime if representatives of the BBC come calling at your door, ALWAYS film them for your security, and ask for ID to be produced, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES give them access to YOUR home.

Remember, there is no need to have a TV licence if you only use on-demand and catch up content such as Netflix, Now TV or Amazon Prime.  (Unless you download BBC content or use the BBC I-player). If you don’t watch live TV, don’t buy a licence. Instead why not use that money to help crowdfund alternative media such as Wings over Scotland, Wee Ginger Dug or Newsnet? For once, you would actually be getting what you paid for.



TV Licensing,
DL98 1TL

Dear TV Licensing,

I have been aware for some time now that it was possible to legally watch television without any need for a license. I am informing you that I have changed the way I view television. I am now watching catch up and download television only, and as there is now plenty to choose from I will have no shortage of quality programming to watch.
In summary, I do not need a TV licence as I do not watch “as live broadcasts” or BBC Content on any format, only permitted catch up services.
Please note that having checked I find that although you may wish to gather details of the identity of the occupants of the properties that you write to, there is no legal requirement for me to do so. In 2009, a question was put to the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act to confirm or deny “whether a legal occupier … is NOT required by law to submit their name to you … to serve a notice of “Withdrawal of Implied Right of Access”. The BBC responded that “TV Licensing does not legally require the name of an individual to action such a request”. The same principle applies in this case and I would be grateful if you would therefore not engage in actions to draw this process out while trying to gain information I am not legally obliged to supply.

Yours Sincerely,

The Present Occupier
*Copy the above and send to TV Licensing. No Need for a stamp. Let the BBC pick up the tab…

London Calling Screening: Thank You!

London Calling

We’d like to thank you all for your attendance last night at the preview screening in Airdrie. We were absolutely blown away by the attendance and the reception given to the film. It really was fantastic to see so much passion on display while watching the film and in the discussion afterwards. Many thanks also to Alan Knight and GA Ponsonby for their attendance, as it allowed questions to be answered which we simply could never have answered.

If anyone wants to arrange a screening in another area please contact us directly on and we’ll make sure that we forward your details on to Alan Knight to make the arrangements.

Thank you all for donations last night, your generosity was amazing and we can’t thank you enough. After paying for the cost of the hall we made £90, which will paid in to the crowdfunding effort to raise money to allow a DVD distribution of the film. If you wish to donate to this you can do so at

Once again thank you all for attending, and in addition thanks to those who helped promote the event; local and national press and other groups including Lanarkshire Forum for Independence and Yes East Kilbride.

We shall be taking a short break over Christmas and New Year, and hope to return with another event early in 2017.