Change of Special Guest for London Calling

A wee change of special guest. GA Ponsonby is unfortunately unable to join us tomorrow night. We are delighted to announce that we will be joined by the Director of London Calling, Mr Alan Knight! 
We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night. There will be an opportunity for a discussion after the film, and We’re sure the discussion will continue afterwards in the pub…


British Mortification

Wee Ginger Dug

At long last we finally know what the hitherto meaningless phrase Brexit means Brexit means. Thanks to some Tory aide who wandered out into Downing Street clutching some briefing notes which were accidentally, or possibly accidentally on purpose, on show, the world has discovered that what we all thought all along is actually true. Brexit means Brexit means that the British government wants to have its cake and eat it, and that the refusal of Theresa May to reveal her strategy is indeed because she doesn’t want to weaken her position during negotiations. But that’s only because her negotiating position would be seriously weakened if it became known that she doesn’t actually have a strategy at all.

It’s embarrassingly obvious now that not only does the Conservative government not have a strategy for Brexit, but some of its leading figures don’t even have a clear idea of how the European…

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Fail To Prepare… Prepare To Fail.

The 2014 independence referendum had a clear timescale. It gave time to prepare, to build and to create. The next referendum could be as little as 10 months away according to some sources. It could be much longer. Commentators such as Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug) have repeatedly been warning that we need the groundwork in place before any referendum as we don’t know when it will be or how long we will have to campaign. If the British Government felt it was in their interests to call a referendum when they think the Scottish Government is weak or on the back foot, they may do so. The idea that this is a decision for Nicola Sturgeon alone is misguided.

Let’s be brutally honest. We cannot wait on the SNP blowing the whistle to start another Indyref campaign. The SNP have fought two elections in two years and their eyes are firmly set on the 2017 council elections. If anyone can tell us when the SNP have been on the streets campaigning for the broader issue of independence (rather than straight election campaigning) since 2014 we’d love to hear it.

In early 2017 the Yes campaign is looking to reboot itself. It’s time for dormant networks to awake and once again create the cross-party efforts we saw two years ago which took us so close to winning our independence.

We came close, but not close enough, and we need more support than last time. While the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland remains loyal to the UK, that can’t be said for others. The Tory “resurgence” in Scotland is more to do with hard-core British nationalists jumping ship than anything else. Many of those in the Labour Party in Scotland will be willing to put Labour values first and some of them must surely be questioning if those values would be more effectively delivered in an independent Scotland. Margaret Curran was once asked in an interview with Brian Taylor if she would prefer a Labour run independent Scotland to a Tory run Britain. She squirmed and failed to answer. In a right wing Britain, Labour look increasingly unlikely to be elected to government for some time, even with a leader as popular as Jeremy Corbyn. Now is the time for people within Labour in Scotland to again consider that question, and ask if they could bring about Labour policies through independence.

London Calling Preview Screening: Special Guest Added


We’ve just had confirmation that we will be joined at the preview screening of London Calling on 1st December by a very special guest: GA Ponsonby, the author of the book London Calling: How The BBC Stole The Referendum. We are delighted that he can join us and it should add an extra dimension to the post screening discussion, to have the author on hand to answer your questions.


Special Airdrie Preview Screening: London Calling 1st December 2016

london-calling-airdrie-copyAirdrieonians for Independence are hosting a special preview screening of the widely anticipated documentary film London Calling on Thursday 1st December 2016 from 7pm until 9pm in the One Wellwynd Centre, Airdrie, ML6 0BN.

Based on the book London Calling: How The BBC Stole The Referendum by GA Ponsonby, the film draws on the source material and contains interviews with many of those involved in the independence campaign of 2014, including former British diplomat Craig Murray and Professor John Robertson of Glasgow University.
We will be joined on the night by a special guest, the author GA Ponsonby, who will be taking part in the discussion after the screening of the film.
Admission is free and refreshments will be available, although donations will be welcome to cover the cost of the hall.
Please come early to guarantee a seat.
If you could, please help publicise the event by sharing the above image or printing and displaying it. You can register your interest in the event at our Facebook page.